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Introduction --------------------------------------------------------- 3 Background ------------------------------------------------------- 3 Outline ------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Theory of 4 P’s ------------------------------------------------------ 3 Marketing mix ---------------------------------------------------- 4 Apple four P’s ----------------------------------------------------- 4 Product image -------------------------------------------------------- 5 Product mix -------------------------------------------------------- 6 Price mix ----------------------------------------------------------- 7 Promotion mix ----------------------------------------------------- 7 Place mix ------------------------------------------------------------ 8 Theory of Market segmentation ----------------------------------- 8 Market segmentation on apple------------------------------------ 8 Theory of target marketing ----------------------------------------- 10 Apple target marketing -------------------------------------------- 10 References--------------------------------------------------------------- 13 INTRODUCTION

The name of Apple product was originated by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 as a computer company and product of apple is designed in California. In last decade, Apple has expanded itself into a complex company that specializes in much more than computers. However company also sells kind of digital application such as IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD, APPLE TV and Software application. In addition, company has maintain its own operating software used in its accessories of product like IOS. OUTLINE

Apple product captures big market on its competitors using marketing mix or 4 P’s like product, price, promotion and place mix. Apple boasts a long chain of retail stores using market expansion strategy over its brand. According to my research, Company boom in terms of making sale and revenue each year. The paper is to examine the fact and critical evaluation of Apple market segmentation strategies, target marketing and how they are working on four P’s. THEORY OF 4 P’s

The theory determine that there are 4 P’s which are inter related towards each other to follow up a market strategy for a particular company and help a company to increase their sale, revenue, brand status and provide services. Whereas, marketing is defined in four heads Product, price, place and promotion and these marketing elements works online as well as offline framework for a company to work on their target market. CITATION mar131 \l 5129 (marketing concept on apple, 2013)MARKETING MIX The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals for growing up there business and achieving their targets. The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand's offer is often synonymous with the four P’s price, product, promotion and place. In marketing mix a company need to sell their product as;, for creating right marketing mix; business has to follow certain conditions or steps. Right product
The product has to have the right features - for example, it must look good and work well. Sell product at right price in the market.

References: Promotional activity should show correct information about product and should attract customers. CITATION Ana11 l 5129 (Analysis on marketing mix, 2011)2.2 APPLE FOUR P’s
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PRICE MIX CITATION Tar13 l 5129 (Target market, 2013)
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