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Apple Inc strategy
Apple designed the balanced scorecard (BSC)to make senior management 's attention to the scope and no longer confined to a gross profit rate ,return on equity and market share strategy. One pair of Apple's strategic thinking is very familiar with the management of a small steering committee to select one from the five aspects of evaluation should focus on the type and identified several ways in each type of evaluation . On the financial side , Apple's emphasis on shareholder value ; in customers , the emphasis on market share and customer satisfaction ; degree in interior , emphasizing core competencies ; Finally, in terms of innovation and improvement , emphasizing employee attitudes .

4P Strategy
Product: Apple production is not just the product, but also a status symbol. In addition to Apple's own brand of many electronic products, but also has a series of related peripheral products, such as iPod protective cover, wire transfers and other goods, and all products have Apple’s trademark identification, so that consumers can clearly identify as Apple's series of products; However, in product development, regardless of Apple hardware and software ,Apple is launched in addition to computer products, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc., are declared to the world, the depth and breadth of Apple's product line, always beyond the imagination of consumers. Pricing: early Apple's pricing strategy subject to market that is too narrow and the high cost of hardware and software design premise, it was hard to lower prices, but after using intel processors, not only to attract the traditional Windows system users, but also represent the decline is reflected in the cost, and with the processor clock speed up, hard drives, memory capacity increases, etc., will be more fast hardware devices loaded on the product, rather than the older models places around 20% off sale price in order to attract consumers with limited budgets, while starting from...
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