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APICS acknowledges the Basics of Supply Chain Management Committee for its contributions in the development of this resource.
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Important Information Regarding these Practice Questions
One important way to prepare for the APICS CPIM examinations is to simulate the test experience by taking a series of practice questions. One of the benefits of using the practice questions is familiarizing yourself with the types of questions encountered in an actual APICS certification examination. There is no correlation between the number of practice questions you answer correctly and your success under actual examination conditions, but your understanding of typical question formats can make the actual examination less stressful. Please be aware that these practice questions have been retired from previous examinations. In most cases, the questions had been used an optimal number of times and were replaced by questions that had enjoyed less exposure. For this reason, the questions may not have been developed using the references currently cited in the APICS Examination Content Manual as primary or additional references. The questions themselves have been reviewed for currency by the appropriate committee of the APICS Curricula and Certification Council.

The practice questions in this publication have been selected to represent the topical distribution of the questions that you can expect to encounter in the examination. To assist you in a general understanding of how test questions are related to the reference materials used in their creation, the answer key provides the page numbers of the source reference material. However, unless they are identified in the current Examination Content Manual, do not assume that the references listed in this publication are appropriate for use as study materials.

For more information about the APICS CPIM examinations, please visit the Certification section of the APICS website (www.apics.org).

Basics of Supply Chain Management Practice Questions | 1

Basics of Supply Chain Management Practice Questions
1. Which of the following demand fulfillment approaches typically provides the longest delivery time?


2. Which of the following is generally a characteristic of a product-focused layout? (A)

large queues at workstations
fixed flow of work
production to a work order
general purpose workstations

3. Which of the following is generally a function of the physical distribution system? (A)

production activity control
production planning
bill of material

4. A forecast is typically more accurate for

groups of items rather than for individual items
daily rather than monthly periods of time
physical units rather than monetary units
far out in the future rather than nearer time periods

5. Which of the following is most likely to be a dependent demand item? (A)

a manufactured subassembly
an item in a grocery store
a service part
an office supply item

6. Which of the following represents the pace of production synchronized with the rate of sales?

continuous flow
production leveling

Item 7 is based on the following data.
Beginning inventory = 200 units
Ending inventory =...
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