APHG Chapter 4 Questions

Topics: Culture, Popular culture, High culture Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: December 4, 2014
 Emily Drennan
APHG Chapter 4 Questions and Vocab
What are local and popular cultures?
1. We define culture as the way of life of a particular people, it is what defines us as people, language, religion, food, and sports are all aspects of culture. 2. The difference between folk culture and popular culture is folk culture is the practice of a custom by a relatively small group of people in a focused area, popular culture is the practice of customs that span several different cultures and may even have a global focus. 3. The book uses the term local culture instead of folk culture because the term folk culture is a limiting concept in as much of it requires us to create a list of traits and to look for cultures that meet that list of traits. 4. Material culture is the things that people construct such as art, clothing, houses, sports, dance, and food. Non material culture incudes the beliefs, practices, aesthetics, and values. 5. Transportation, marketing, and communication networks that interlink vast parts of the world 6. Hierarchical diffusion relates to the fashion industry because key cities such as Millan, New York, and Paris are the hearth then the new styles travel down to the major fashion houses in world cities, finally the suburban malls receives the new fashion innovation. 7.

How are local cultures sustained?
1. The goal was to assimilate indigenous peoples into the dominant culture- to make American Indians in to Americans. 2. People sustain local culture by rejecting new technology, keeping barriers between the youth of that culture and the youth of the popular culture, and eating the foods and herbs of their home land. 3. Simon Harrison said the two goals of local cultures are to keep other cultures out and their own culture in. 4. Cultural appropriation is one culture taking parts from another culture, some examples are the brewery that served crazy horse beer that was sewed by the crazy horse estate, also the commodification of the...
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