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Assessment 1

1)Perform research on the topic of personal work planning. In your own words, explain the importance of creating and maintaining personal work plans. If you are not working, but are part of an association or know of an organisation, please answer the question accordingly.

Creating and maintaining personal work plans can help us understand what kinds of roles, skills, tolls and processes we need to develop some activity and can help individuals in the organisation find the key information that is essential. We can also help the organisation to act on this learning, and capture the experience in the organisational knowledge base; this helps everyone in the organisation, as well as improving determination of necessary time to development this specific job. It also protects intellectual assets from being wasted and adds to business intelligence and increased flexibility.

If you do not have a personal work plan it never seems to be enough time to complete all your work task and unless you organise your own work schedule you will find that you are going in to work earlier in the morning and leaving later in the evening. You never seem to catch up with reducing your workload and you begin to show symptoms.

Maintaining and creating personal work plans are not only essential for the business run properly and achievement of goals and objectives. But also show our level of personal organisation and commitment to our roles.

2)For a period of 2 weeks keep a personal paper-based or electronic (e.g. personal digital assistant) journal related to your job role. At the end of each day, make entries to answer the following questions:

A.What were the most important activities that needed to be achieved today? My priorities are helping the elderly with their daily routines, which sometimes they cannot do without help from others, such as: bath, eat, and change nappies, exercises...

B.How do these relate to my job description,...
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