Anthropology Lesson Plan

Topics: Reading, Water, Culture Pages: 4 (866 words) Published: March 19, 2011
ECED 355
Water Unit

Lesson Identification:
Curriculum Area: Social Studies -Anthropology
Target Age/Grade: 3rd Grade
Group Size: 25 students
Context/Time of Day: During the afternoon Social Studies period. Time Needed: 45 minutes

Rationale: This activity allows students to broaden their cultural understanding of the world, and how that relates to the self, and the United States in particular. This activity will allow students to develop greater cultural awareness of the uses of water in the past and present.

State Goal 16 Social Science: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations. Learning Standard E. Understand Illinois, United States and world environmental history Benchmark: 16.E.1 (US) Describe how the local environment has changed over time.

State Goal 12 Science Concepts & Principles: Understand the fundamental concepts, principles and interconnections of the life, physical and earth/space sciences. Learning Standard E. Know and apply concepts that describe the features and processes of the Earth and its resources Benchmark: 12.E.1a Identify components and describe diverse features of the Earth’s land, water and atmospheric systems.

Measurable Behavioral Objectives:
Knowledge level: After the lesson, students will define the basic concept of anthropology with 90% accuracy. Analysis level: Students will compare and contrast two different legends with 100% accuracy. Application level: After reading legends of water, students will fill out a graphic organizer with 100% accuracy.

Concept & Skill:
Anthropology represents how people view things differently and the practices of different people vary. Water is featured in peoples lives in different ways and for different reasons, such as for cleaning, drinking, washing, cooking, manufacturing and more. Today we use water for the same reasons,...
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