HIST 117A Syllabus

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HIST-117A-History of the US Before 1877
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Required Books:
Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty: An American History, vol. I, 3rd ed. (2008) Eric Foner Voices of Freedom vol 1 MUST BE BROUGHT TO EVERY CLASS Howard Zinn A People’s History of The United States Volume I Course Description:

This course surveys the history of the United States from precolonial times through Reconstruction (1877). C-ID HIST 130 (GC) Course Requirements:
Critical Book Review Paper 15% 5/7
Discussion Papers 5% each (20% total) 2/26, 3/19, 4/21, 5/14 Final Paper 15% DUE 5/19:
Reading Presentations 10% each (40% total): Dates Chosen in Class Critical Book Review Presentation 10% Dates Chosen in Class

1. Identify and assess the significance of the key social, political, and economic forces in the United States before1877 2. Discuss the cause and effect relationship among various issues, groups, and events within the United States before 1877 and analyze their overall influence upon contemporary society 3. Demonstrate sound historical scholarship by analyzing, interpreting, and differentiating between primary and secondary sources 4. Construct historical hypotheses demonstrating critical thinking, reading, and writing skills 5. Assess America's growth in a global context including the major economic, technological and scientific developments and their historical significance

What to Expect:
This is an introduction to the study of history and a foundation for understanding the United States. Rather than emphasizing history as a trivia contest focused on names, dates, and places, this course will concentrate on developing the knowledge and skills to enable you to evaluate historical evidence, to interpret the actions of Americans in the past, and to understand the historical context that underlies the world in which we live. Beyond learning the content of...
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