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Topics: United States, New Jersey, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (1408 words) Published: November 6, 2014
Brenda Hermosillo Lesbian Callahan, Joan, (2009) Same-Sex Marriage. Why it Matters-At least for now. Hypatia Winter2009, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p70-80, 11p. This article was very interesting. Same-Sex marriage in this country is a big issue still to this day. This article explains same-sex marriage and why it matters. People just want to be with the person they love its hard in some states still. Texas being a republican state may never make same-sex marriage legal. This article explains what the lesbian and gays go through to try and get married. Mann, Bonnie. (2007). The Lesbian June Cleaver Heterosexism and Lesbian Mothering. Hypatia Winter2007, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p149-165, 17p. This was a very good article. It gave me the perception of what mothers who are lesbian go through when they are pregnant. People look at the child differently and at the parent of course. Its sad to think that lesbians are treated differently when they are having kids. I believe that they love their kid as much as any other couple would. It gives examples of what women go through when they are expecting a child and even when they already had the child. Mary Navarrette Haboush, K. L. (2007). Working with Arab American families Culturally competent practice for school psychologists. Psychology in the Schools, 44(2), 183-198. This article is a great example of what is needed in the classroom, in order to communicate effectively with Arab Americans and their children. Haboush, states that there are up to three point nine million Arab Americans living in the states. Since the events of September 11, individuals have viewed the Arabs negatively, and thus have affected the children. The article states, there has been in increase in physical and verbal bullying directed to Arab children, because of stereotyping in this country. It is important to have cultural competence in cultural heritage, values, and behaviors so that human service professionals could assist the Arab community more...
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