Week 5 Final Paper

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 6 (2010 words) Published: November 5, 2012
To Marry or Not to Marry
Tawnya Patterson
PHI103 (ACM1231A)
Robert Gala
September 3, 2012

Choices and decisions impact ones everyday life. Is a homosexuality marriage correct? Many will argue no, because it is biblically wrong. In my case I find it to be the choice of the person. Their marriage will not impact our lives in any way. Love comes in different forms such as lust, religion based, and sometimes unconditional love. It should not matter if it marriage is with a partner of the same sex or the opposite sex. If one finds love in the same sex what makes it so wrong to pursue. I believe that it is the right of a person if they want to marry a partner of the same sex. It is time that society becomes more accepting of homosexuals and their right to love just the same as you and I.

If someone were to ask me if I thought Homosexuals should be allowed to marry, I would say definitely. Allowing same sex marriage will give gay couples access to rights such as inheritance, health coverage, and adoption. Same sex couples should be allowed to have access to marriage benefits just like any other couple. It is not fair for society to shun gays. I feel that we should all be accepting to their lifestyles. Homosexuality is not any different than a normal couple. Love has no boundaries and is controlled by what ones feels inside their hearts.

According to CPA “Allowing same sex-couples to marry would give them access to social support that already facilitates and strengthens heterosexual marriages, with all of the psychological and physical health benefits associated with that support.”(Choudhury,2011)

Same sex couples do not have access to their mate’s health insurance unless they are married. Even if they have lived together for decades they still cannot receive any of the assets their mate has. One thing that baffles me is the fact that societies is accepting of two girls being together, but are totally disgusted in the fact that two guys are in a domesticated relationship.

The concept of same sex marriage is not hard to understand, but the implication of the act is hitting America hard right now. Americans struggle to understand and make the right decisions about whether same sex marriage should be legal. Many are against it because it is wrong in the religious aspect. Marriage has been a deep root in religion and the vows are sacred. The people that control religion have traditionally controlled the sanction of marriage. Religion damns homosexuality and they refuse to sanction a union that they do not agree with.

Recognizing same sex marriage allows homosexuals to have open loving relationships that are the same as a traditional married couple. Same sex marriage does not impact our everyday lives. Allowing homosexuals to have a committed long term relationship strengthens our society and will not destroy traditional marriage. According to the New Tribune “

We are coming to a crossroad where we are faced with the prospect of opening up the possibility of recognizing another bond. Another family structure, which has been with us for as long as there has been families.” (Landry, 2012) Many argue against allowing gays to marry because they feel we need to protect the institution of marriage. Even though many people get married out of love it is not the only reason. If gay marriage impacts our everyday lives then why don’t people who marry for money impact our everyday lives. I personally believe that divorce causes a lot more damage to families than gay marriage. If we want to protect the values of marriage, than we should outlaw divorce.

In the United States, civil marriage is governed by the state law. Each state has the right to set the conditions for valid marriages. It is subjects to limits that are set by the states constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution. Marriage was traditionally considered valid if the requirements of the marriage...

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