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Informal Logic

By scrappingqueen4u Jun 09, 2013 1464 Words
RUNNING HEAD- Homosexuals 1

Homosexuals Getting Married
Sylvia Lee Godwin
Informal Logic
Philip Bence
March 7th 2013

Homosexuals 2
The question that is very much debated in America today is whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to get married here in the United States. There are many different opinions on the subject and my feelings are, if two people love each other and are able to commit to one another and remain in a relationship as husband and wife then it should not matter if it is two men, or two women that are making this type of commitment. There are some people that believe marriage of two people of the same sex is not moral and I have to disagree with this. While gay marriage poses a huge problem with some churches who believe that it is morally wrong, the Vatican plays a huge role of the catholic churches views on homosexuality.

As stated in the article, Homosexual marriage, the Vatican, and elements of a Jungian response. (2010) it states that the Vatican has a negative view of homosexuality because it believes that homosexuality is a disorder. The church also believes that homosexuality is evil and the church does not allow one who practices homosexuality into the priesthood. The church believes in the marriage of a man and woman, they believe that marriage is not recognized between two people of the sex. It is known to be morally wrong.

Even though the church believes it is morally wrong to be sexually active with someone of the same sex, the moral issue is that people consummate their relationship with those of the opposite sex for purpose of procreation. If two people of the same sex are together and

Homosexuals 3
Married what is the purpose if you cannot have children together. They do not look at the love between two people and how that is the reason is should be considered. There are many famous gay people that are able to adopt children and love and care for them as they would if they were man and woman. The sex of somebody does not determine how much love that can be provided for children to be raised with morals and respect. In today’s society the American people tend to be on the side of allowing gay marriage and becoming more open to the opportunity for people that are homosexual to show their love for each other by participating in the union of marriage.

Times have changed and more and more people are coming out and stating they are gay these days. It is becoming more and more acceptable by Americans in society. In a recent article of the Washington Post (2013, March) it shows that resistance to gay marriage is shrinking and is becoming more acceptable.

This same article proved that after taking polls last year the people that are opposing the marriage of same sex individuals are people over the age of 65, white evangelical Christians, and white voters who do not have a college degree. This is the majority of voters that are opposing the right to be married if you are gay.

While I can see that older Americans over 65 years of age will hold up on their belief of the age of society that they were brought up in, where homosexuality was not as common as it is in today’s society. And, I can also see why white evangelical Christians are holding their belief based on their religion and the morals of the church they believe in. I do not see why white

Homosexuals 4
voters who do not have a college degree are in the majority of people that are opposing the right to same sex marriage. I would like to believe that in today’s society, well-educated and holding a College degree or not we would be able to see that homosexuality is more common among citizens and a whole lot more accepted in society than it ever was before. It is a mind boggling idea that people in this world still believe they have the right to determine the way others live their lives. It is just not morally correct in today’s world and it is not anybody’s right to forbid someone from showing their love and commitment to another person if that is what they believe and feel in their heart. Love should no bounds. If two people love each other they should have the right to participate in the union of marriage. You cannot justify telling people that are in love with each other that they are morally wrong because they chose to fall in love with someone who is of the same sex.

In the article “Discussing homosexual marriage “printed by Fort Worth Star (1996,May) it is stated by Jonathan Rauch that the same arguments for heterosexual marriage also can justify the marriage of homosexuals. He goes on to say that Marriage is for people who love; therefore marriage is for homosexuals as well as heterosexuals.

Homosexual marriage is no different than heterosexual marriage in the sense that both types of marriage symbolize love of the other person. It should not matter if the person is of the same sex or not. In the days of new it seems that more and more people are open to being homosexual and they do not feel ashamed about it as they did years ago. I think the world has come a long way in accepting people and allowing people freedom of choice and if someone Homosexuals 5

chooses to be with someone and create a union in the sense of marriage then they should be allowed to do so. I believe if gay’s are allowed to be in the military as was just passed recently by Congress then they should be allowed to pronounce their love and marry who they want to marry. No one has the right to tell someone that their love is not worthy enough for marriage. I do understand that it is not the traditional way of marriage but times have changed and we need to adapt to those times like we have in many other areas, such as gay’s in the military. After reviewing the reasons why the church feels that homosexual marriage should not be agreed upon, and the majority of people that are opposing the marriage of same sex couples , I myself, believe in the right to choose and the right to the pursuit of happiness as stated in the constitution of the United States and if people choose to love someone of the same sex and participate to the union of marriage and abide by the vows of the marriage then they should be allowed to participate and show their love for their partner by committing to them in the name of marriage. Bottom line is no one should have the right to not allow someone to commit to being with the love of their life whether it be a man and woman, or two men , or two women. Even though marriage is basically a piece of paper and you have other ways of proving your love to someone if anyone feels the need to pronounce their love in taking someone’s hand in marriage it should be allowed . We have amended the constitution many times and this is a good enough reason as any to keep up with the way the world has changed over the years and to recognize the love between two people of the same sex if that is what they want to do.

Homosexuals 6
I know that my grandmom who is 79 years old would never accept the marriage of two people of the same sex and that is because she is from a whole different generation of people who were raised on different beliefs and it would not be considered appropriate to people of her age. However, In today’s generation with the amount of gay people that are proud of their sexual orientation and not ashamed of who they are anymore , the rules need to be changed. I believe that with the way the world has changed over the years the only right thing to do is to allow gay marriage and make the world a happier place. This is the only logical thing to do.

Homosexuals 7
Tumulty, K., & Hamburger, T. (2013, Mar 07). Opposition to same-sex marriage narrow. The Washington Post. Retrieved from Will,G. (1996,May 19). Discussing homosexual marrige. Fort Worth Star- Telegram. Retrieved from John,P.D. (2010). Homosexual marriage, the vatican, and elements of jungian response. Jung Journal, 4 (3), 37-46 . Retrieved from

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