Animal Testing: Can Cause Animal Sudden Death

Topics: Experiment, Science, Causality Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Animals suffer just as people do. In 2009 animal experimentation was the cause of over 1.13 million animals suffered in U.S. Laboratories. Animal experimentation is unnecessary and expensive. It is useless to use the cruel methods of animal experimentation for our own benefit alone. The animals used in research range from birds, dogs, cats, pigs, etc. So many innocent creatures put up with the immense pain so that science experiments can be made and new products can be put on the shelves. Many of the animals used in the testing and experiments are blind, severely burned or poisoned. Animals don’t need to suffer testing.

Animal testing is not accurate. First of all animals react to medicine differently than humans do. For example, thalidomide causes birth defects in humans, but not in rats, mice, and hamsters. 50% of drugs that have been approved by animal testing have to be removed because of harmful side effects in the U.S. There is actually no evidence stating that animal testing leads directly to saving lives. Also, 82% of animal testing procedures use rats, mice, and rodents, which are not like humans. Testing chemicals on animals is useless.

Another con on the issue of animal testing is the price. Animal testing generally costs an enormous amount of money. The animals must be fed, housed, cared for and treated with drugs. On top of that, animal testing may occur more than once and over the course of months, which means that additional costs are necessary. The price of animals themselves must also be factored into the equation. There are companies who breed animals specifically for testing and animals can be purchased through them. Animal testing can cost a lot of money.

In animal testing, many animals are experimented on and then killed after their use. Others are injured and will still live the rest of their lives in pain. The unfortunate aspect is that many of these animals received tests for substances that will never actually see approval or...
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