Animal behavior

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Behaviorism, Ethology / Pages: 5 (1896 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2014
Informational Interview Donna K. Lane Animal Behaviorist Psych3210 Summer, 2014 HYPERLINK Dr. Celeste Hill Introduction When I started my courses in the field of Psychology, I had no idea how much it went side by side with the field of employment I hope to obtain in the future. Animals and Psychology have always been my two favorite studies. I didnt realize until after doing research and an informational interview, just how much Psychology is intertwined with the position of an Animal Behaviorist. After conducting an informational interview with Dr. Katherine Leighty, Science Operations Manager over Walt Disneys Animal Kingdom, and doing further research, I found that an Animal Behaviorist and Psychologist use many of the same research methods and observational research. Both are always looking for the answer. Synopsis of Informational Interview with Dr. Katherine Leighty I had the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Katherine Leighty, an Animal Behaviorist. She is the Science Operations Manager over Walt Disneys Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida. Dr. Leighty has a Ph.D in Psychology with sub-fields in Neuro-Science and Behavior Science. Some of the questions I presented to Dr. Leighty are as follows, with her giving additional information about her position. What exactly are your job duties What made you want to become an Animal Behaviorist What skills are needed for this profession Are there any negative sides to your job What is your favorite part of your job Do you have a favorite animal What is the most challenging part of your job What is the most enjoyable part of your position Do you have a set schedule for every day My conversation with Dr. Leighty is as follows. She has a degree in Psychology with a sub-field in Neuro-Science and Animal Behavior Science. She feels that with her degree in Psychology with the sub-fields has helped her obtain her position and also helps in

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