Animal abuse

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Human Society

In media-reported animal cruelty cases, dogs—and pit bull-type dogs, in particular—are the most common victims of animal cruelty. Of 1,880 cruelty cases* reported in the media in 2007: • 64.5% (1,212) involved dogs

• 18% (337) involved cats
• 25% (470) involved other animals
• Reported abuse against pit bull-type dogs appears to be on the rise: in 2000–2001, pit bull-type dogs were involved in 13% of reported dog-abuse cases; in 2007, they were involved in 25% of reported dog-abuse cases. Millions of animals are abused each year. Over a million of these animals are abused or killed just due to the involvement with domestic violence. Despite animal cruelty being a felony which can result in jail time for over 15 years and 500,000 dollars in fines, it is still an issue which occurs on a daily basis across the United States. It is important for these animals to not go unnoticed, which can be achieved if society became more enlightened and educated on the topic of animal cruelty. (Pacelle, 2011). Thesis- I will explain how of how different solutions can help prevent animal cruelty Preview - Domestic animals are very similar to humans in that they can feel and have emotions and therefore should be treated with more respect. Animal cruelty is reported all over the U.S. in staggering numbers, however many animals still suffer abuse and neglect because many people do not report or are aware of how prevalent animal cruelty really is. The ASPCA allows for people report and take action against the inhumane treatment of animals. Transition – Do any of you really have any idea on how animals really impact a human? Domestic animals contribute to their owners well being; they provide unconditional love and emotional support. Every year thousands of animals in households around America are neglected, exploited, and physically abused. Animals are much like humans in the way that they can feel pain and have emotions. Would you like it if you were treated...
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