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Asad Haider U.S. Government
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As President, Andrew Jackson worked to pull apart the Second Bank of the United States. The original Bank of the United States had been introduced in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton as a way of organizing the federal government's finances. This first Bank became invalid in 1811. It was followed by the second Bank, put together by James Madison in 1816 to reduce the economic problems caused by the War of 1812. Both Banks were involved in the growth of the U.S. economy, but President Jackson did not approve of the concept on ideal grounds. In President Jackson's opinion, the Bank needed to be abolished because it was unconstitutional. It also concentrated an excessive amount of the nation's financial strength. It exposed the government to control by foreign interests. It put too much control over members of the U.S. Congress. It favored northeastern states over southern and western states. President Jackson's opposition to the Bank was evident as a strong personal dislike.

 The spoils system was a method of appointing officials to the government of the United States of America based on political connections rather than on impersonal measures of merit. President Jackson introduced it as a democratic measure by his understanding of politics and democracy. He considered that popular election gave the winning party a mandate to select officials from its own ranks. The spoils system was closely linked to the new party system which he was instrumental in creating, generally known to scholars as the "second party system." The system was formally ended in 1883. This introduced the concept of a separate government and civil service to American governance. The government would continue to be formed by the party of the winner of the Presidential election.

President Jackson's veto message counter-claimed the good, plain people against the Bank's privileged...
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