Topics: Vice President of the United States, President of the United States, United States Cabinet Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: June 17, 2014

Executive Branch: Federal Bureaucracy

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Part 1
In one or two sentences, answer the following questions. (Each question is worth two points)

1. What was the spoils system and what was its purpose?

Type your response here: spoils system in U.S. history, the practice of giving appointive offices to loyal members of the party in power. it is a system through which you repay political supporters with government job

2. What were the drawbacks of the spoils system?

Type your response here: people acquire jobs based on politics of the winner and not based on competency. Frequent turnover of personnel when party changes. Certain spoils jobs are huge plums for the victors. Collecting of import duties in New York was one of the biggest spoils positions. Since tons of money is involved in such duties, creates opportunities for corruption and using political influence.

3. What about the relationship between the president and vice president has changed since the earliest days of the United States government?

Type your response here: In the early days, the vice presidency was person that came in second in the elections. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were this way. So the vice president was actually a political rival. In 1804, the 12th amendment required the Vice President to be elected on a separate ballot by the electoral college, since then the vice president has been a "running mate"

It wasn't until the 25th amendment that the succession of presidents was formalized.

VP's have ranged from being very involved (in the case of Dick Cheney) or nearly transparent (Dan Quayle, Thomas Marshall) From Adams to Wilson, not VP actually attended cabinet meetings. Since the VP doesn't really have much power, they are more of a...
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