Ancient Greek Legacies

Topics: Olympic Games, Athens, Greece Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Ancient Greek Legacies
Throughout Ancient Greece there have been many legacies. The Olympic Games were created and become part of history. Architecture influenced modern buildings. During these times, different types of literature were produced. Three greatest legacies of Ancient Greece are literature, the Olympic Games, and architecture. The Olympic Games was created because of a myth. It began when Oenomaus, the king of Olympia had a daughter named Hippodamia and wanted to compete with the person who wanted to marry his daughter in a chariot race. Pelops, the grandson of Zeus wanted to marry Hippodamia and challenged Oenomaus to a race. Pelops defeated and killed the king and also made Hippodamia his wife. Pelops wanted his victory to be remembered so he ordered that athletic games should be held every four years at Olympia to honour Zeus. The Olympics in ancient Greece was open to all city states and was held every four years and lasted for five days. Anyone who came to the Olympics was guaranteed safety regardless of conflicts or wars among the other city states. The modern Olympic Games take place in a different host city every four years and gives the local economy a huge boost. Furthermore, there are two types of games, one that is for the summer and one for the winter. They are held every two years and have different variety of activities in each season. In the summer Olympic Games activities include archery, boxing, gymnastics, handball, judo, rowing, soccer, and there are many more. The main track and field event is the Decathlon. The winter Olympics had activities such as bobsledding, ice hockey, luge, skating, skiing, tobogganing, and the Biathlon. I think the Olympic Games is one of the greatest legacies of Ancient Greece due to the fact that we still participate in it today every four years. All the countries around the world that want to take part in the competition come together in one city and compete, trying to be victorious. The Olympic Games...
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