Ancient Greece and Greek Gods

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Ancient World Worksheet

Complete the matrix section and the question section on the worksheet for each week. For each culture, identify the starting and ending dates of the culture, the structure of government, the role of the city government, and type of law created by the culture. Describe how the culture viewed the relationship between gods and people and how it defined citizenship. List the major events the culture experienced.

The purpose of the matrix is to help you summarize what you have learned in this course. Keep it brief and organized. Write short phrases or bullets to summarize your ideas in the matrix. Use footnotes for longer comments when necessary.

|Week |Culture |Dates |Structure of government and the |Type of law |Relationship between gods |Citizenship |Major events | |due | | |role of the city government | |and people | | | |Week |Sumerian |3100-2000BCE |Government consisted of separate |Ur-Nammu published |People were to provide gods |n/a |Development of city | |One | | |city-states. Cities would band |laws to make public |with all they needed; food, | |states. Sargon forms| | | | |together when the region was |the customary rules. |clothing, etc. Polytheistic,| |world’s first empire| | | | |threatened by outsiders. King of |Mainly concerned with |people chose personal gods | |by uniting | | | | |Sumer would be chosen by leaders |monetary compensation |to worship. | |Mesopotamia. Gutian | | | | |of cities with the blessing of the|for unjust acts or | | |invasion in 2300 | | | | |priesthood of Nippur. The |loss of property | | |BCE. 2110 Ur-Nammu | | | | |individual city governments were |(including slaves) | | |unifies Sumer & | | | | |responsible for taking care of | | | |Akkad. Elamites sack| | | | |their land and preventing other | | | |Ur. | | | | |cities from intruding on it. | | | | | | |Hittite |1700 – 1200 BCE |King was representative of the |Adopted and altered |Assimilated the gods of |n/a |1700 – Hattusilis | | | | |gods. The pankus, probably an |laws of old Babylon. |conquered peoples into their| |founded empire and | | | | |assembly of noblemen, monitored |More merciful than |religion, believed all gods | |begin using iron. | | |...
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