Unit One Lab Questions

Topics: Iraq, Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: December 3, 2013
A. Complete this chart by filling in the information for each civilization as explained in the assignment.

PhoeniciansKnown for manufacturing as well as trade; First to make glass from sand; Purple (the color of royalty) became their trademark.1200 BCE - 800 BCESemitic speaking sea people also called Canaanites who because of their location became famous for sea trading.Present day Lebanon and Syria.Excellent ship builders and sailors. Created the phonetic alphabet which led to the present day alphabet. Hebrews Their Hebrew religion later influenced to later major religions. A major political & commercial center. Kingdom was later split into two Israel & Judah. Hebrews were captured by Babylonia and called Jews.2000 BCENomadic Hebrew speaking people that included Israelites, Moabites and Ammonites; very large family units; women did much of the work while men were off to war. The earliest Hebrew script was derived from the Phoenician script.

Found in present day Israel, Western Jordan, Southern Syria and Southern Lebanon.Created Hebrew religion Judaism which later influenced 2 major religions, Christianity and Islam. Babylonians Created a large well organized empire where rules, law and justice were extremely important. One of the Babylonian rulers developed a written code of laws now known as Hammurabi’s Code.Babylonian Civilization: 18th Century BCE- 6th Century BCE Babylonian Empire:: about 1790 BCEConsisted of 3 classes, Upper Class and Lower Estate whom were both free people the third were the slaves who were not free; believed in strong family units; were advanced in irrigation, agriculture and metallurgy; used cuneiform writing.Located South of Baghdad, Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates River.Created a highly developed court system; was the first to have written laws; Made progress in medicine and studied astronomy; developed a number system; conquered Israel and held Hebrews in captivity and...
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