Anastasia: the Movie Novel

Topics: Grigori Rasputin, Nicholas II of Russia, House of Romanov Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: February 28, 2007
Short Summary:
Anastasia is an exciting fictional tale partly based on the Russian Revolution and the real life Romanov family. The timely story begins in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1916 during a ceremonial celebration for the Czar of Imperial Russia, Nicholas. He and his wife had four beautiful daughters and a son, with the youngest daughter being Anastasia. Her grandmother, The Dowager Empress Marie is leaving for Paris and she gives Anastasia a music box and necklace as a goodbye present. That night however, the evil and unholy man, Rasputin, curses the family for banishing him, which leads to a siege in the palace. Anastasia and her grandmother are trying to escape and are helped by a young servant boy, but the young princess falls, behind hitting her head and becoming lost in the crowd. Ten years later the adventure continues with Anya, an orphan girl who cannot remember her past and is looking for her family, her only clue being a gold chain necklace engraved with ‘Together in Paris'. She goes to St. Petersburg with her pet puppy Pooka and finds Dimitri, a con artist and his partner Vladimir, who both used to work in the palace. They are holding auditions for an Anastasia look-alike, hoping to claim the award that the Dowager Empress is offering for her lost granddaughter. They convince Anya that she could be Anastasia and they travel to Paris, training Anya and teaching her everything she needs to know. However during this time, Rasputin was still alive while in limbo and he won't rest until all the Romanovs are dead. With the help of his magical relic and his sidekick, Bartok the white bat, Rasputin tries to sabotage the trio's plans and kill Anya who really is Anastasia. The group must face many challenges on their voyage but in the end they succeed and Dimitri finally realises who Anya really is. He cannot stay and live with the princess so instead he leaves Anastasia to rejoice with her new home and family. In the end he has a change of mind and...
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