Walt Disney Cinderella

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“Walt Disney's Cinderella” is the retelling of a familiar fairytale. Walt Disney, regarded as America's great filmmakers and innovators, combined animation and music to present this classic story. In the fairytale, Cinderella is a plain servant for her stepmother and two stepsisters. With the help of a fairy god mother and some mice, she transforms into a beautiful princess who captures the heart of a young handsome prince. Then when the clock turns midnight, she has to return home and she loses her glass slipper. After the ball, the prince then goes to find the owner of the slipper which belongs to Cinderella and finds her and they live happily ever.

Disney makes us all want to cheer for Cinderella, while showing us some of her flawed choices. One example would be that she disobeyed her stepmother’s orders to stay home, choosing to attend the ball instead. Secondly, Cinderella ignored her fairy god mother’s warning about midnight, losing track of time and nearly undoing all the magic in front of all the people at the royal ball. Lastly, the fairy godmother was a stranger to Cinderella who magically appeared right in front of her. Everybody knows not to talk to strangers!

In the story, Cinderella wasn’t very mature with her actions; she didn’t follow orders, and wasn’t a good listener. When her step-mother ordered her to stay home, she obviously didn’t. Cinderella was told to do chores all night, so she purposely wouldn’t go. Instead, she had an encounter with an old lady who was supposedly her fairy-godmother, magically giving her a fancy ball gown and jewelry for the ball. She went and stayed at the ball the entire time.

Cinderella didn’t know the fairy godmother before the encounter in the garden where she was crying about missing the royal ball. The fairy godmother was a complete stranger to Cinderella but luckily showed up in time to make her go. If the story was changed, Cinderella would know to not speak to strangers and go back inside to finish...
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