Analytical Essay, Where I Come from

Topics: City, Rural area, Ecology Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Analytical Essay: Where I Come From

“Where I Come From” is a striking poem written by the talented, twentieth century, Canadian poet, Elizabeth Brewster. In this heartwarming poem, Elizabeth Brewster portrays the creation of the human identity and defines how individuals carry with them a unique essence of where they go and how they are created from their experiences of living in a specific cultural setting. She talks about the lives of “city folk” and of where she was raised, a rural farm area. A great section of this poem may be motivated by her early childhood memories of growing up in countryside Canada. Brewster describes our identities as human beings remarkably, she justifies how people’s personalities depend on where and how they have been raised, also she touches on our lives and lifestyles in urban and rural places.

In the beginning of the poem, Brewster starts talking about how people are created. She states that “People are made of places”, by this she attempts to explicate how our identities are made in the world. They are made by where you live and how you live your life. Many things can affect you while you are in those places such as occurrences, incidents, your involvement, decisions, and also the people around you. The things that are around you reflect on who you are, for example your room, the things in your room can say a lot about your individuality, it can represent your culture, your likes and dislikes and it can also signify what type of person you are. Even in the view of what country you are in, if you were in the UK or USA, you may find it a safer area to live in compared to Kenya where your freedom is limited. These different places can also provide you with different personalities; maybe living in the UK can give you more confidence and spontaneity and living in Kenya can give you courage to deal with your complications. The place you live in can also represent who you are in many features like your voice, people...
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