Where the World Began

Topics: Season, Alberta, Canadian Prairies Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Where the World Began
1.Laurence is against the stereotyped images of the Prairies as “dull, bleak, flat uninteresting. Where Laurence grew up was bizarre, agonizingly repressive or cruel at times and the ground in which the town was could be called harsh in violence of its seasonal changes but it was never a merely flat or uninteresting and never dull.

2.The droughts and depression were always there, some understood and some did not understand. 3.The town’s feelings in Laurence’s description of the town dump are that the town is full of feelings and ideas; it is full of fun and good manners.

4.Margaret Laurence is saying that the land she grew up in, the Canadian prairies, is stuck deep in her soul and has stayed with her throughout her life and she uses it to write about.

5.Laurence sees that her town is not dull if that is so, the whole Canada could be called dull. Canadian life on the national scale is not good also compared to the small town prairie life because you see the killings of lakes and rivers with industrial wastes and you see the Americans taking over industries and natural resources.

6.Laurence is drawn so strongly to land because it moves her more powerfully than any other place. She feels more connected to the nature of Canada. 7.It could be interpreted as that Canadians are open minded.

8.The essay is entitled “Where the World Began” because Canada is where her world began.

9.Laurence makes the reader see the winter through child’s eye by saying how wonderful the prairies were in the winter.

10. Laurence uses the microcosm of her small town to show Canada's growth as a country through her childhood memories, the seasons of her small town, and where a person is raised, affects their point of view on the world.

11.The similarities between the opening and the concluding paragraphs are that she talks about where her world began. Both the opening and concluding talk about the experience...
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