Analytical Essay Political cartoons

Topics: Comic strip, Cartoonist, Caricature Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Political cartoons serve the purpose of getting specific messages across to our society. Getting messages across to the society about politicians and certain things in parliament is vital in our society because we need to understand the problems and situations going on not only in our county but also the world around us. Political cartoons are mainly found in newspapers, magazines and even electronic devices. In political cartoons there are certain elements that are used to get certain messages across to certain people. Some examples of these elements are hyperbole, metaphor, Irony, imagery, analogy, understatement and parody. Which are all satirical elements. In this essay it will discuss the subject, target, style/tone, values challenged, techniques and the impact on a certain cartoon. The cartoon that will be discussed is “Australia Too Crowded” which is created by a famous cartoonist Nicholson and published by a well known News Paper “The Australian”. Peter Nicholson is an Australian political cartoonist, caricaturist and a sculptor. The subject of “Australia Too Crowded” is very simple. It consists of a police officer and of what looks to be an Arab family. The issue is that the family have come to Australia to live and work. The Arab family says to the police officer “Why can’t we stay in Australia?” the police officer replies to the innocent Arab family “Too crowded”. But the problem is that in the background there is allot of open vacant land. This therefore shows the point of view of the cartoonist. Nicholson is trying to say that why can’t these immigrants stay in our country when we have all of this land. Nicholson has used a stereotype to get his message across. The target of this cartoon is at most migrants and not necessarily Arabs. He has also targeted the police officer to represent all of the people that are against migrants coming to Australia including politicians and some of the society point of views. The style and tone of this cartoon...
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