Australian Humour

Topics: Comedy, Satire, Irony, Fiction, Short story, Humor / Pages: 1 (110 words) / Published: Aug 24th, 2016
A close study of the humour associated with this Australian text demonstrates the use of satire, sarcasm and slapstick. Australia's unique sense of humour is recognised all over the world, sometimes without understanding. Humour in Australia is often reflected to enlighten a bad situation, like the above text, the flooding of the vehicle’s engine would be seen as a bad situation. However, the satirical text and elements of sarcasm create a humorous situation for the audience. This text is unique to Australian culture as it uses Australian slang, such as ‘dunno’ and ‘mate’. Colloquial language has also been demonstrated in the phrase as a whole ‘Dunno mate maybe’s she’s flooded’.

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