Analysis of Web-Based Forums in Healthcare

Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Communication Paper
The mode of communication chosen is web-based forums which includes a virtual health care community. A health care community is provider sponsored information systems that provide various types of health care information over a website. Rosado (n.d.), A web portal supports the healthcare providers to improve the patient care and overall efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Some goals of a web-based forum is to provide fast and secure exchange of health information for patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers. A benefit for the patients is the ability to schedules appointments online which would save time. The patients will have improved quality of care and access to health records anytime-anywhere. Patient health records would be readily accessible to physicians, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and for emergency needs. These web forums can provide patients with medical research for general questions or clarification for things like medication questions, product research, changing to healthier lifestyles or provide avenues of communication between physicians, patients, and peers. “The goal is to develop a more health-savvy population, not to prevent needed interactions with qualified clinicians.” (Butler III, Friel, Lang, Park, &Santello, 2000, p. 71). Web based forums are not intended to replace professional health care only to supplement or release some of the office clutter and provide guidance for patients. Digitize health communication is one reason why the web forums are an effective means of communication between providers and consumers. Telemedicine is the use of advanced communication technologies, within the context of clinical health, that deliver care across distance (Turner, 2003; Turner, Thomas, & Reinsch, 2004). Telemedicine allows communication forums between several physicians to consult on the medical condition of one or several patients. Patients no longer have to physically transport his or...

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