Happy Health Medical Clinic

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Happy Health
Medical Clinic
Created by, Valerie Buller

Happy Health Medical Clinic

Happy Health Medical Clinic is a medium sized facility

We are mandated under state law to abide by HIPAA and HITECH policies and do so with extreme pride.

We have a hybrid, source-oriented filing system

Health records are centralized

We store patient records until death

Patient Records
 getting

new information into a patient’s record as
soon as possible

not duplicating medical records for the same

 It

is extremely important to file patient records as
soon as possible to avoid losing patient files!

The difference between clinical and
administrative data
 Handling

clinical data that a doctor
needs to see

 Handling

administrative data that a
doctor does not need to see

for patient files:

Rules of the Filing System

rules of the system
Examples to clarify names or
numbers that might be confusing in
that system
Temporary and permanent
insertion of loose forms and care

Health Record Location

where a record is located
 Centralized
 Record
 Type

records management

format: source-oriented records

of filing system: Hybrid

Handling Patient Records
 Short-term
 Permanent
 Archive

circulation of records

 Retention

schedule—destruction of records

Routing and Tracking of Records
 Routing

and tracking records within
areas of our department and out to Xray

 Storing

lab reports that come in when
a patient’s file is at X-ray

File Security
 File


 Legal

and ethical responsibilities

information is
Safe with Happy
Health Medical


Act of

We hope you have enjoyed this presentation!


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