Analysis of Internal and External Environmentof Worldcomk

Topics: Proposal of marriage, Meetings, Meeting Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: February 25, 2013
1. Opening:
The regular meeting of Accounting Seminar 2012/2013 duly called and held on January 7, 2013 commencing at 6:20pm. With the approval of directors present, Douglas Philip acted as chairperson of the meeting and Oshane Ashman as recording secretary.

2. Announcements:
3.1. Carl Winter and Carlette Jameson from Human Resource Management seminar announced there will be an event about the vetting of application letters and resumes which will be secured by the service of top HRM practitioners. The cost for this service is $300 dollars and if anyone interested can contact Serena at 847-5327. They also promoted their party called High Candy, Red and White edition at an entry cost of $1000 which will be held on Monday 2, 2013. 3.2. Mrs Lambert encourages the accounting seminar students to engage the service that HR is offering and support their party. 3.3. Representatives from POM seminar promoted there party called Wet and Slippery which will be held at the Utech barn on February 15, 2013. They also mentioned about their Vibes Friday party on March 15, 2013 and raffle tickets for $100 each. 3.4. Again Mrs Lambert encourages the accounting seminar students to support POM seminar parties. She also showed acknowledgment to the persons that attended Andy Parchment funeral and congratulated the team and all the students that contributed to the success of ‘Tempted Ecstasy’. Mrs Lambert also raised a concern about mishap in execution at the party and suggested that future endeavours, a greater emphasis must be placed on capital investments. 3.5. Mrs Reid made a proposal to students to sign up for student presentation conference of which she will select the first 20 applicant to do a presentation on conference day. 3.6. Mr Allen also made a proposal for volunteers to take part in various activities on conference day apart...
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