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Students will research, prepare and lead and lead an in-class discussion on a tradition/method/peer reviewed article/current journal article on meditation. Presentations will include background research, theory of practice, and discussion questions. The presentation is only 15 minute and a discussion only. OBJECTIVES

Students will demonstrate knowledge of traditional meditation practice. Students will lead informative discussions in a classroom of their peers. ACTIVITIES & EVALUATION
SIGN UP (5 Pts)Begins today till March 5th.
5 pts: Choose a meditation style/tradition/peer-reviewd article/journal to research. You must approve the topic with me by March 5th. Presentation and discussions will begin by March 12th.
You may work in group of 2 or 3.
OUTLINE (5 pts)
2 pts: Write a brief paragraph including telling any significance in history, origin, health benefits and/or others interesting facts. 2 pts: Outline methods of practice, suggestions, health benefits, physiological significance or other important factors. Include your discussion questions on the outline. Include your sources.

1 pt: Provide a copy of the outline to all your peers and teacher. DISCUSSION (10 pts)
2 pts: Know your topic. Don’t read directly from paper. Be ready to discuss and answer questions. 4 pts: Discuss history, theory, traditions and health benefits. Why do people practice this? Is it evidence based? How is it relevant to current society? 3pts: Students are required to ask minimum of 3 discussion questions that are open ended to encourage conversation. 1 pt ALL Students are expected to participate in all discussions whether or not you are presenting. TYPES OF MEDITATION/ARTICLE

Yoga Nidra
Kriya/Chakra Meditaion
Mindfulness Meditaion
Mantra Meditation
Kundalini Meditaion
Vippassana Meditaion
Walking Meditaion
Zen Mediatation
Meditation for Depression and Anxiety
Journey/ Remote Viewing Meditation
Some Resources
Rick Hanson...
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