Analysis of Gaps Model for Service Quality

Topics: Internet, Customer service, Units of information Pages: 4 (673 words) Published: March 8, 2010
Review of the GAPS model of Service Quality using a personal example:

Service Name: Bell Essential Plus Internet Service

Existence of a Gap: Yes

Expected Service (description of expectation): The expectation was

(without reading the fine print, which is obscure and not indicative of essential

information for new customers) that upon subscribing to Bell Essential Plus I’d be

able to download media content and browse the internet at a speed of “5mbps”.

Perceived Service (description of how the service fell short): The widely

advertised “5mbps” is not actually 5 MB (megabyte) per second but 5 mb

(megabits) per second. 1 MB is equal to 8 mb. Therefore downloading at 5

megabits is equivalent to downloading at 625 kilobytes per second. For example, 1

song is equal to 5MB or 5000 kilobytes, which is equal to 40000 kilobits or 40

megabits. Therefore to download a 5MB song in one second one would require

a 40mbps connection.

I was further piqued when I realised that my download speed was not even the full

5mbps (625 kbps) I was paying for. After repeated calls to the Bell customer service

I was told that because of the wiring in my area and the great distance between my

building and Bell’s nodal office I could not receive a speed of more than 500

kilobits per second. I was flabbergasted and immediately shifted the service to an

alternate service provider.

Provider Gap No.1: In my opinion there is no gap here. Bell very well knows

what the customer wants (high speed internet) and their knowledge of this fact is

evident through their advertisements and their high speed plans. They advantage

from the general ignorance of a majority of their customer base. Most of the

internet users do not know the real potential of their internet plan.

Provider Gap No. 2: There is a big gap between the company perceptions of

consumer expectations and their service designs and standards. In my opinion, this...
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