Analyse How Children's Play And Learning Environment

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For this Assignment I am going to explore children and young people's learning I will be focusing on children age three to seven years within the foundation phase. The theme I am going to be investigating is curriculum planning and following up form this I have to choose two key issues. I have decided I am going to be looking closely at are the curriculum, planning professional skills, piles and the environment, why create an enabling environment, indoors, outdoors, forest school, foundation phase Firstly I would just like to express how important children's play and learning are, It is vital that within childhood children have the best opportunity and be able to enjoy grow develop and play in a nurturing environment
The first key issue
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Being a practitioner it is important that you plan to provide an environment which meets all care needs and encourages learning so that children and young people benefit from activities set up to help and support their learning. There are many ways that the indoor and outdoor environments can enable care needs to be met such as the value of exploration and challenge for example within my placement it is vital that both indoor and outdoor environments are challenging and stimulating for the children to learn. By making the environment challenging it gives the children the opportunity to explore the area around them. This however will also extend all area of children's learning and development "PILES" By exploring and investigating children are being physically active they are learning intellectually they may often show emotions and socially will be active. The indoor and outdoor environments can support promote development and learning in many ways children will be learning holistically which will benefit them in many ways including achieving and succeeding over

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