Anaconda: Amazon River

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Hi, the snake that frightens me the most is the Anaconda. The Anaconda is the animal that I’m going to write about. I will guide you to every fact about the anaconda. My name is Sean Aguirre and I love animals even the dangerous ones. I think there is a giant snake out there in the mercy waters of Brazil. I think there is one out there because of the way they hunt in the wild. The anaconda is the biggest snake in the world. I want to now how the snake swallows its prey. How does the snake strike its prey? Is the anaconda a heat seeker? How long can it get? How do anacondas swim? Can the anaconda eat bigger than its size? What do they eat in the wild and what they do when there not eating? How wide can they get and how can they push down there prey? Do they have teeth? How do they sleep and are they fast on land? How old can they get? Are they fast swimmers? Do they eat people? People think that anacondas are evil monsters cruising around killing humans, what do you think? THE anaconda is a constrictor which means it squeezes the life out of you until it breaks your bones. An anaconda is a meat eater and it can grow to twenty-nine feet. The anaconda can eat crocodiles and deer. Anacondas are fast swimmers and fast on land. The anaconda is part of the boa family. The anaconda can weigh five- hundred-fifty pounds. Anacondas live in marsh areas or swampy areas.
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