Compare and Contrast Coral vs Milk Snake

Topics: Snake, Coral snake, Milk Snake Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Coral Snake or Milk Snake
Many people find it difficult to determine a coral snake from the milk snake (also known as the scarlet snake) because, they are so much alike. Being able to distinguish the coral from the milk snake is very important and could become the matter of life or death especially if accidentally bitten. Although the coral snake and milk snake share many similarities, they certainly have their differences as well. Milk snakes are appealing to the eye in relevance to their size and color. Milk snakes grow to an average of two feet long and have red, black, and yellow bands that encircle their body. However, the milk snake has red bands touching black ones indicating that they are harmless. Found throughout many areas of the United States, forested and wooded areas are typically home to the milk snake. On the other hand, in some cases they can be located in rocky lands or even in open prairies. Although the milk snake belongs to the colubridae family, they are still carnivores. Their diet typically consists of rodents, eggs, reptiles and other small invertebrates. Since milk snakes are nocturnal and like to blend in with leaves or trees, they have an advantage when hunting for food. Milk snakes will kill their prey through strangulation and then swallow their lifeless meal whole. Usually mating in the early spring, milk snakes like many non-venomous snakes, lay eggs. The milk snake will lay an average of three to nine eggs per clutch. The females will make their nests in rocks, boards, logs or rotting vegetation. It is there where the eggs will sit for about two months until they hatch about three inches in length. Living up to an average of ten to twelve years, the lifespan of the milk snake is a long life.

Coral snakes much like the milk snake appear to be very intimidating with their vibrant array of colors. While coral snakes have red, yellow and black bands that encircle their bodies, they also grow to an average of three to...

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