An Inspector Calls

Topics: An Inspector Calls, Elite, Suicide Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Emmanuel Omojola:
An Inspector Calls:
In the play “An Inspector Calls,” Priestley uses Mr Birling’s daughter Shelia to display society’s thoughts of the elite class, and how her actions and behavior emulate Priestley’s ideas. In this essay I will evaluate how Priestley delineates a change in responsibility in the character Sheila. Primarily, Sheila is characterized as quite irresponsible for a young lady in the elite class, however as the play progresses she emerges to become one of the most responsible characters in the play. Additionally I will analyse the different ways in which Priestley slowly evokes various other changes in Sheila, such as how her relationship with her mum changes as the play goes on, in conjunction with the development in her opinions and maturity. Near the beginning of the play, Priestley authenticates that Sheila is a loyal member to the Birling family. “What do you mean by saying that? You talk as if we were responsible.” Here Sheila demonstrates signs of loyalty and commitment to her family because she is almost fighting their corner. However this also exhibits that she lacks understanding isn't very socially aware and she is quite irresponsible. Although, as the play advances Sheila portrays signs of development in her responsibility. “Between us we drove that girl to commit suicide.” Here Priestley demonstrates a growth of how responsible Sheila has become, because she is admitting that Eva Smiths suicide death was moderately her fault. Priestley does this to support his views about how there shouldn't be any social class and everybody should be treated equally. He uses a young character to portray this because Priestley says that young people are more susceptible to change, so he used Sheila because as the play moves on she changes her opinions and views about certain things. So Priestley uses her as a comparison to show how people can change as well, in due time. In the first Act of the play, Priestley decides to portray Sheila...
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