In Act One of an Inspector Calls How Does J.B Priestley Use Dramatic Devices to Convey His Concerns and Ideas to the Members of the Audience, as Well as Interest and Involve Them in His Play?

Topics: An Inspector Calls, J. B. Priestley, Bradford Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: January 3, 2011
In Act One of “An Inspector Calls” how does J.B. Priestley uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience,as well as interest and involve them in his play? J.B Priestley was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on 13th September 1894. He firm believer of socialism which is a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people therefore he disagrees firmly with capitalism. Priestley set his play in 1912 because the date symbolized an period when all was very unusual from the time he was writing. In 1912, inflexible class and gender restrictions seemed to guarantee that nothing would change. However by 1945 the majority of class and gender divisions had been infringed. Priestley wanted to make the most of these changes. The Inspector wants to teach the Birling Family to care about other and not only themselves and he wants to show that social status and wealth are not significant factors. One of Priestley’s major concerns was that even that the war has ended people were living in poverty and living depressed lives. I think that J.B Priestley is trying to tell people that they shouldn’t rejoice after the war because several people have been killed. Priestley shows that there shouldn’t be a division between people of different class. In 1912 the Birling family lead a comfortable life Birling is a prime example of a capitalist, J.B Priestley is keen to highlight the selfishness of him in the play. J.B Priestley wanted to highlight what was right and wrong in society as it is a morality play .In this essay I am going to investigate how J.B Priestley uses dramatic devices to intrigue the audience. J.B Priestley uses a variety of dramatic devices meanwhile early on in the play Priestley uses some examples of dramatic irony.Birling is arrogant “The Titanic-and unsinkable absolutely unsinkable. ”And I say to that fiddlesticks! The Germans don’t want war”. Priestley is making Birling look...
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