An Imagined Journey to a Strange New World

Topics: Universe, Earth, World Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Because the enduring diarrhea and fever, my carcass lay flat on the bed, head spinning and eyes sparkling. The vertigo took me on a journey to a strange new world. The world was not a heaven, for not a single jaw crusher angel me hello. Visible to me were several indescribable, unnamable creatures. Their utterly weird shape and color took me by surprise, having no eyes, no nose, no hands or legs, sometimes their bulk being no larger than a puppy, another time their existence occupying everywhere. Taking a closer look, a few of them were engaged in something surely capturing my curiosity. Under what we might as well call "hands" lay a world where I just came from. By pinpointing my family, my sight travelled from universe to Milky Way, from solar system to the adorable earth planet, then my country China, province Hunan, city Changsha, my community and my home. The world under the creature’s “hands” was as tangible as numerous scientists had fathomed and concluded, and this was nothing new to me. Then I placed my look on the creature, whose shape and form were desperately unpredictable, and I ventured to ask where I was then. A sheer thought, unlike any sound, any sense could possibly process, came instantaneously to me, interpreted as that I was in a world of creation. "So, are you the God of the universe", I asked my second question. "Ah, in your poor human's parlance, maybe yes", its response popped up in my mind as thunder, “But, I am not your God as what your Holy Bible, Koran, Greek and Roman myth alike describe. Yet I am truly all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful to your universe." Its answer intrigued me to further my asking. "But what about someone just likes you and those who doesn't. Were they as we human call God as well?" "Limited and silly is you human. How can you apply your human perspective and logic to the world of creation! “It answered no more on the third question. Instead, it uttered in my mind," Do not believe your senses in the world of...
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