Four West European Explores That Traveled to the New World.

Topics: Europe, Age of Discovery, Christopher Columbus Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 27, 2010
*2. (a) Name four west European countries that explored the New World and name* one explorer who sailed for each country, (b) Of the four *explorers, named*, state the one you would most have liked to accompany. Discuss two reasons for your choices. Four west European explores that traveled to the New World. {draw:frame} {draw:frame}

Christopher Columbus (c. 1451 – 5/20/1506 Jacques Cartier (12/31/1491 – 9/1/1557) {draw:frame}
John Cabot_ (c. 1450 – c. 1498)_ Pedro Álvares Cabral_ (c. 1468 – c.1520)_ The race to find new spice and travel routes spurred a very exciting time in history which eventually lead to the founding and settling of New World. These discoveries lead us to settlement and establishment ofour own country. Although Norse explorer Erik the Red’s son,Leaf Ericson landed on what he called Vinland, now Newfoundland Canada, a little over a thousand years ago, Western European countries really made the push for colonization about five hundred years later. These countries included Spain, Portugal, England, and France. Spain had many explorers and impacts in New World exploration. With a monarchy that was willing to finance and explore, Spain found riches in gold through South, Central, and North America. Of all Spain’s, and the world’ explorers, none are more famous than Christopher Columbus. Every generation of Americans knows he set sail in 1492, but I’m surprised how many don’t realize he landed in the Caribbean, and by mistake. Looking for a spice route to the Indies, Columbus and his crew named the local inhabits Indians because he thought wrongly of his location, and eventually started disease epidemics and slavery in the area. Giovanni Caboto was a Venetian explorer who sailed for England and thus became better known as John Cabot. On 5 March 1496, King Henry VII of England basically gave Cabot free license to do whatever he wanted under the English flag. On his second voyage in 1497 he ended up in upper north east...
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