An Essay on Romeo and Juliet

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中文三 Semester one 复习 姓名:________________ 一)sentences Structures
1. 有的。。。有的。。。还有的。。。: some…some…, the others…( when giving examples ) (1) My friends have a variety of personalities. Some are outgoing, some are shy, the others are self-confident. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (2) Mary ‘s friends are from different countries. Some are Singaporean, some are American. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 对。。。感兴趣: feel interested in….

(1) Although science is very hard for me, I am very interested in it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (2) Tom is interested in singing, but he sings so/extremely terribly. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 是......的 : emphasize : where & when in past tense (1) It was in Singapore American School that I met Mark.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ (2) It was in fifth grade when we met John. John was our same class classmate . __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 尤其.... especially....

I am interested in sports, especially in swimming .
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 二)New Phrases
1. 交朋友 make friends
(1) It was at the swimming team where I make friends. I have known Lily for 2 years. (是...的) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (2) When making friends, if he/she is good looking or not is not important. To me, his/her personality is the most important....
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