Narrative Story

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Narrative story
Do you remember your first day in the university? Well, I remember my first day I was waiting all the summer to enter at the university. I felt excited and at the same time I was very nervous because it was my first day in the university and I didn't know any person at all at the University. My first day in the university started quite well but I didn't know how to arrive to my classroom "because I had missed the orientation day that was a few days before the school start". I was lost and I had to ask one person that I I saw was working outside the canteen, damn I remember the smell from the freshly cooked food in there, it made me so hungry so that I was considering eating before I went to the class. But good I didn’t it would look really bad to come late to class at the first day at the university. So I asked where about the building and classroom where I was going to take my first class for that day. This person was an older lady but very nice and friendly; she told me the right direction and what floor I had to go to find my classroom. I walked to the building, and when I arrived I saw some people and I felt strange and I’m shy always. But I took courage to myself and I approached to one guy who looked to be a student from abroad, that was what I thought of after observing his appearance and I made a decision. And I asked for the classroom and we discovered that we were in the same group and I felt less nervous. I introduced myself and he also did it, his name was Phil. We came in the classroom and the time to start classes began. When we began our classes, all our classmates were mostly quiet, they rarely talked, but me and Phil started to get to know each other more. Then the teacher arrived about half an hour late or even more. Many of the student had already left, bored from waiting. She started the class and after that we introduced ourselves. Then I saw my others classmates and I looked at a few cute girls and me and Phil started...
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