An Analysis and Evaluation of Entry Strategies in China's Telecoms Market: a Case Study of Bt Group

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University of Bradford Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Deposit Agreement 2005

Student name: YAN SUN Student ID: 02009352 School/Dept.: SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Degree: M A IN MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT

Thesis/Dissertation Title: AN ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF ENTRY STRATEGIES IN CHINA’S TELECOMS MARKET: A CASE STUDY OF BT GROUP Student Agreement: I understand that the University of Bradford has the non-exclusive right to electronically store, copy or translate my thesis/dissertation, in whole or in part, for the purpose of future preservation and accessibility. I certify that the thesis/dissertation submitted is my original work, and that the version submitted is the same as the final version approved by the Examiners. I have made every reasonable effort to obtain permission from the owner(s) of each third party copyrighted material to be included in my thesis/dissertation. I am aware that the University may submit copies of student work to a national database set up to detect plagiarism. I understand that the thesis/dissertation may be available electronically to a variety of individuals and institutions via the World Wide Web, including automated search agents. I understand that once the thesis/dissertation has been deposited, metadata relating to my work will be incorporated into the University of Bradford Library Catalogue. The University of Bradford reserves the right to remove any thesis/dissertation from the electronic repository in the event of its content breaching any laws including defamation, libel and copyright.


I acknowledge that the administrators of the electronic repository do not have any obligation to take legal action on my behalf in the event of a breach of intellectual property rights, or any other right, in the thesis/dissertation deposited.

Student Signature: YAN SUN Date: 2, September, 2005


Yan Sun


Keywords: Entry strategies, China’s telecoms market, BT Group, International expansion. Abstract International markets have become a necessary way for companies who wish to survive in increasing domestic competition and grow in the dynamic world economy. Meanwhile, the entry strategy decision is one of the most critical decisions during a firm’s globalization.

This research focuses on analyzing the term of entry strategy through a case study of BT Group, and a spotlight on China’s telecoms market. Based on an accurate academic research methodology, this research involves the indispensable literature review, a deep investigation of China’s telecoms market, and an overall analysis and evaluation of BT’s diverse entry strategies during its international expansion. The ultimate aim of the dissertation is to give some advice for BT’s future operations in China, and also to recommend some implications both in international experiences and critical lessons for emerging telecoms, and/or new entrants in the globalization process.





Yan Sun


Dissertation submitted to the Bradford University School of Management in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Marketing.



The fulfillment of this research inevitably depends on the vital help and support from many people, without these, it would be impossible to finish the study.

I would especially like to thank my supervisor Dr. Chris Lowe who gave me invaluable guidance, advice and comments in the whole process of writing this dissertation. Many thanks for his moving encouragements.

I also appreciate the help of my friends who have shown me selfless favour in helping interviews, and the interviewees in BT, China Netcom and 21ViaNet, who have openly shared their opinions, which dramatically helped the research analyses. Although their names do not appear...

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