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Topics: Risk, Investment, Risk management Pages: 71 (18562 words) Published: November 18, 2008

I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Anders Hederstierna, and Dean Anders Nilsson for their guidance and helpful comments. I would also like to thank my colleague from Indian School of Business, Mr. Vinit K. Mishra, for his valuable suggestions.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank my family for being supportive always and all my classmates, for being such a great team throughout the course.

This thesis helps in managing Telecom FDI risks in the emerging economies. This study was specifically conducted on the Telecom industry risks, that affect its foreign direct investment, into emerging economies. Associated risks involved in this case were analysed, and the situation in the FDI context was evaluated. In other words each associated risk was identified, and ways to measure and analyse it were suggested (comprehensive models suggested which industry people can use to assess related risks in specific situations) and then ways in which it can be managed were assessed. It provides an overview of the various risks involved in this area. It suggests using the PESTLE incorporated AHP framework first to analyse risks according to the nations assessed. Then it suggests using a PESTLEI incorporated ALE framework to measure and prioritise it. Lastly, it states various ways of controlling the risks and suggests using the PESTLEI model again to distribute the risk insurance cost across the various categories and components, thereby suggesting a way of realising where more control is required among the components. This work overall suggests a new method of tackling risks in emerging economies in the Telecom sector in FDI, with the usage of business models.



1.1 Structure7

1.2 Background8

1.3 Previous Studies9

1.4 Relevance10


2.1 Global Telecom Industry11

2.2 Investment in Telecommunications11

2.3 Telecommunications Investment in Emerging Economies12

2.4 Foreign Direct Investment14

2.5 FDI Policies16

2.6 Risk Analysis17

2.7 Risk Management17

2.8 Telecom FDI in China18

2.9 Telecom FDI in India19

2.10 Telecom FDI in Eastern Europe20
2.10.1 Telecom FDI in Poland21
2.10.2 Telecom FDI in Czech Republic21

2.11 Telecom FDI in Turkey22

2.12 Telecom FDI in Russia22

2.13 Telecom FDI in Brazil22

2.14 Telecom FDI in Mexico23

2.15 Telecom in Least Developed Countries23

2.16 Overview of FDI in the past24

2.17 Investor Recommendations for FDI in Emerging Market Economies.25


3.1 Part I27
3.1.1 AHP Simulation28
3.1.2 Sensitivity Testing33

3.2 Part II33

4.1.1 Risks identified according to the PESTLE model.36 Economic Risks38 Social Risks40 Technological Risks42 Legal Risks43 Environmental Risks44
4.1.2 PESTLE/AHP45

4.2 Part II47
4.2.1 Risk Measurement47 Internal Risk47 PESTLEI/ALE49
4.2.2 Risk Control51 Internal Risk Control51 Technological Risk Control53 Economic Risk Control54 Social Risk Control55 PESTLEI framework for Risk Insurance55



FiguresPAGE NOS.
Figure 113
Figure 215
Figure 316
Figure 418
Figure 524
Figure 626
Figure 729
Figure 831
Figure 931
Figure 1032
Figure 1132
Figure 1232
Figure 1335
Figure 1445
Figure 1549
Figure 1656
Figure 1757

Table 226
Table 328
Table 429


FDI has been one of the growth proponents in developing nations. Most of it is in the service sector, but this does not mean that manufacturing is overlooked. Emerging economies like India which is basically dependent on service industry FDI, is now trying to focus on manufacturing as well. Whether the growth of the emerging...
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