An Active Student vs Passive Student

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An active student versus a passive student

We go to school colleges for the sake of education to be a good citizen as well as a patriot too. But what we find is totally opposite we see that there is a race to win to be a book worm and much more other than this. Their start further classifying student. There become two different types of students, passive students and active students. Well what makes the student different is its Attitude, the amount of energy he or she put into classes, and the quality of work determines the type of student he or she is. Attitude is the first element that determines the quality of a student. A passive student is almost probably negative. Usually they have much more important things to do other then study; it is also not important to them that how well they reputation is in the class. Very Often passive students tend to think that when they receive a poor grade, it is because the teacher does not like them. On the other hand an active student has a very positive attitude. They try to learn as much as possible about what they are studying. It is very much important for them that what teacher think about them they always tend have a good even best reputation on teachers mind. The second factor that helps “diagnosing” the type of student is the amount of energy he or she puts into their work for their classes. A passive student is usually lazy. Since he or she attitude is to poor, they tend to put only enough energy in to study just get by. What they need is to be promoted in the next class irrespective of their grades and marks on the other hand an active student does just the opposite. They have their priorities straight. They make the time to study instead of going out and having fun. Such as not hanging out with their friends when they know that a quiz or test is coming up. Passive students always think that active students are the extra ordinary student they have no other priority this point is very much strange them....
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