How to Become an Active Student

Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Tran Thi Yen
DH TA2C-K5 Haui
How to become an active student
Becoming an active student is the desire of almost young students nowadays. A modern society needs active people to build and develop itself stronger and stronger. People say that “Young generation is the potential of their country”. Therefore, we cannot deny the important role of active people in our life. I am always proud of belonging to the future generation of my country and I also want to become an active student. To achieve this goal, I focus on three points: do good job at university, attend after-school activities and do part-time job. As soon as I started to study at university, I realized that it is not easy to make myself stand out from others in my class, so I chose the way “Study for the best result”. I learn as much effectively as I can. Before coming to class, I prepare for my next lesson really well because I think this work will help me deeply understand about the lesson. At home, I always finish all my homework the teacher give me and never forget to look for more information about the subjects I study. I know in university the lecturers are only the guide, so I must mainly study myself. I spend five hours self-studying at home and other time taking part in out-door activities. In my opinion, active students are smart ones, and they always have their own plans to try their best. I also set some schedules and try to do all them as expectation. An other activity all students should do at class is comfortably raising ideas. It surely helps you to make you more confident in front of the crowd. Do good job at university is really necessary for an active student. Only studying is not enough. After-school activities are also essential. They might be voluntary works like free teaching poor children, helping the old and lonely elder or just propagandize the bad effects of HIV AIDS to the young. All activities will help me create opportunities to improve my soft-skills, get...
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