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Topics: Amusement park, Cedar Point, Roller coaster Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Jordan Brewer August 30, 2010

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks are on of Americans favorite places to go. You get to ride roller-coasters, play games and just have fun. The thrill you get by getting is one of the best feelings you will ever have. When you first walk in the amusement park you feel your adrenaline rush by seeing all the people go crazy over the roller-coasters and the games. Adventure parks are an adventure that everyone needs to experience once in their life. Roller-coasters are a thrill that everyone should experience at an amusement park. Rollercoasters are what make amusement parks so fun. There are many different types of roller-coaster that has many different types of loops such as a corkscrew, the regular flip, and many more. Some of the biggest roller-coasters that I have ever been on are the ones at Six Flags. I rode the Batman, Superman, Georgia Scorcer, Deja-Vu, and all the other roller-coasters they had. My favorite was Superman; you are flying through the air just like Superman. The loops were like corkscrews and had some straight drops. Everyone needs to experience a roller-coaster ride at least once. There are many amusement parks all around the United States that you can go to and have fun. One is in Atlanta, Georgia home of Six Flags. Another one is located in Cedar Point, Ohio which is called Cedar Point and is one of the most popular visited amusement parks. Another one is Bush Gardens located in Tampa, Florida. I got to visit Bush Gardens this past Spring Break it was the best amusement park I have ever been to. There were a lot of family activities such as games, food, and roller-coasters. They didn’t have many roller-coasters, but the ones that they did have were my favorite. There are a lot of many

different amusement parks around the country that you can take your family and have a great time. Games at amusement parks are also what make amusement parks so much fun. If you are scared to ride the rides just go ahead...
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