Amusement Park and Vacation Destination Vacation

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Vacation Destination

Vacation is the word fun, shopping, adventure and a lot more. It is not easy to plan a great vacation, and if you eliminate pick from two of the best vacation spot. Find out all pros and cons about both places. Both vacation destinations Florida and California are impossible to say no too! Saying no is like saying no to an ice cream lover. Florida and California have everything to-do best beaches, amusement parks and museums. Both have world famous attraction to see.

California is a hot favorite city to go on the vacation. The first thing to get people’s attention is bright glamor and never ending fame. The casinos and the city is lighting up to perfection. People start there day when the sun goes down, and the setup is so perfect for a tourist. It is actually set up for night in the main cities. On the other hand Florida is a good vacation destination. Compare to California it is less glamour’s. There are few places to go and visit, but they are not unique and famous. Florida is not a city of night. When the sun raises everything in Florida start lightning up and keeps getting brighter with time. The second attracted pulling in people is all the water parks, adventure parks, Disney land, and Universal studio. Peoples fully excited heading towards their selected destination. They carry with them sunglasses, sun screen, spear cloth and shoes. The fun begins from getting in line which never ends. As in California the sun comes out. People start heading towards their hotel. After a long fun fulled of fun night they are tired out so the best thing for them is a dark room. There are some adventures in California but less people select and compare to that sparking night. People go out and visit Hollywood which is the important part of California. You won’t see anywhere in the world.

Comparison fats of both Destinations together are both have the same climate. They grow oranges and citrus fruit and also have a lot of...
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