American Television Comedies (Classification)

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American Television Comedies
It has been a long day. You are exhausted and arrive home after spending several hours at work or school. You decide to watch television and you try to find a funny show, anything that can make you laugh and make your day better. Choosing between several types of comedy shows is hard because there are innumerable reasons to watch one type or another. A television comedy can sometimes be your friend, your psychologist, your teacher, your passion and/or your hobby. There can be very innocent comedies while there are also more explicit ones. There can also be silly, simple comedies while there are also more elaborate and intelligent comedies. Your decision of selecting one television comedy should always be based in the current mood that you are in. There is clearly a vast buffet of comedy shows in America and the networks will continue to cook more shows in order to make us always completely satisfied. No matter where you are, as long as you have a television that works properly, you have the opportunity of watching any type of comedy show. You can decide between sitcoms, comedy-dramas, sketch comedies, stand-up comedies and animated cartoons. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can dump you, you can fail a class, you can have a fight with your friends or family but those television comedies are, and, will always be there for you to make you laugh, or cry, or both.

These will make you have a good laugh most of the times. These have also been the most common, successful and culturally significant type of television comedy. They were originated in England but now predominate in America. They can be either really silly like The Office but at the same time comedic genius or they can be more intelligent and more complex like Community. These have two main types of filming, single camera setup and multi camera setup. One of the best normal single camera comedies of all time is Arrested Development which had the advantage of being a...
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