American Schools vs. Asian Schools

Topics: Skill, High school, Education Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: January 6, 2013
For some time there has been a controversy about the effectiveness of different school systems in different parts of the world, particularly America and Asia. The American system consists of approximately thirty-five hours of school each week with about an hour of homework and no school on weekends. The Asian system of learning is comprised of around fifty hours of school each week including a half day on Saturday with four hours of homework each night. The better learning system for me would most definitely be the American system. The Asian school system would not allow me to spend time with my friends and family, sleep enough each night, and give me time to develop other skills needed in life.

Recent studies show that according to most Asian students' schedules, they are so busy with schoolwork that they have no family time, and thus miss out on learning from the people they need the most in their lives. My parents teach me many important values that are needed in life, and if I would not function well if I had no time to spend with them. Also, if I did not get a chance to ever communicate with my parents, I may not turn out to be a good parent in the future. By not being at home very often, I would not learn many values that will be ultimately useful in life, such as building relationships, parenting skills, and even working tips that will be vital to managing a house one day.

Asians students only rest for about six hours each night. For growing children this is very unhealthy, especially since the recommended hours of sleep for children each night is between eight and ten hours. If I were severely overworked in school, I would not get enough rest, which would affect my growth and health. Without a proper amount of rest each night, I would be unable to learn in school because I would be exhausted.

Being at school all day long and doing schoolwork most of the day would not give me enough time to develop basic skills that I need when I am...
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