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American Revolutionary War and Guided Reading Questions

By bitboy55 Oct 10, 2013 386 Words
Name_________________________________________________Date_____________________________Block____ Chapter 4 Guided Reading Questions Part A
The Colonies Organize to Resist Britain
1. What was the Stamp Act?

2. How did the Sons of Liberty protest the Stamp Act?

3. What was the impact of the Stamp Act Congress?

4. How did the Townshend Act vary from the Stamp Act?

Tensions Mount in Massachusetts
5. What was the Boston Massacre? Why did it occur and what was the significance?

6. Why were the committees of correspondence established?

7. What was England’s reaction to the Boston Massacre?

Fighting Erupts at Lexington and Concord
8. Why can it be argued that Paul Revere is an over-rated figure?

9. What happened in the battle of Lexington? What happened on the way back to Concord?

Ideas Help Start a Revolution
10. Why, in your opinion, does the book talk William Franklin?

The Colonies Hover Between Peace and War
11. Why did the Second Continental Congress finally decide to act?

12. Why would the British victory at Bunker Hill really be considered more of a loss for the redcoats?

13. Why did the colonies result to an Olive Branch petition?

The Patriots Declare Independence
14. Why was Common Sense so effective?

15. Name at least THREE basic principles Jefferson argued for in the Declaration of Independence

Americans Choose Sides
16. Describe/generalize the Loyalists AND the Patriots? What were their jobs/background?

Struggling Towards Saratoga: The War Moves to the Middle States 17. What was Washington’s bold move that changed the momentum of the war?

18. Why did the British lose the battle of Saratoga?

19. Describe the alliance between the colonists and the French?

Colonial Life During the Revolution
20. What is the significance of Robert Morris and Haym Salomon?

21. In what ways did women contribute to the Revolutionary War?

Winning the War: European Allies Shift the Balance
22. What is the importance of Friedrich von Steuben?

Name_________________________________________________Date_____________________________Block____ Chapter 4 Guided Reading Questions Part B
The British Move South
23. Why did the British decide to move South?

24. Why did Cornwallis decide to go to Yorktown?

The British Surrender at Yorktown
25. How did America win the battle of Yorktown?

26. What issues did the Treaty of Paris leave unresolved?

The War Becomes a Symbol of Liberty
27. How did the American Revolution promote egalitarianism?

28. How was slavery impacted by this event?

Women and Political Power
29. Name at least THREE major accomplishments by women in the field of politics?

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