American Culture Paper

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Four Freedoms, World War II Pages: 4 (1046 words) Published: February 17, 2015

On January 6th in the year 1941, President Frank D Roosevelt spoke to a world immersed in war and a nation worried from economic depression in an effort to move the nation away from a foreign policy of neutrality. His plan was to secure the future in four different ways. This he called the four essential human freedoms. FDR’s speech communicates the message about the four essential freedoms on a universal level while Rockwell’s paintings of the same subject matter recasts those freedoms for a strictly American audience by appealing to familiar American scenes and sentimentality. During the time when president FDR gave this speech, WWII had begun and America wasn’t involved. The allied forces were Russia, Great Britain, and China while the axis forces were Germany, Italy and japan. President FDR created the lend lease act which involved sending military supplies to Great Britain to help them with the war but not soldiers. On December 7th 1941 japan attacks the pearl harbour in the United States killing over two thousand four hundred people and this action by Japan made America to go to war. Nazi Germany was a common name which was given to the Germany when its government was controlled by Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945. The idea and aim of the Nazi party was to promote only one race as the best. American troops infiltrated Germany and for the first time witnessed execution in the Nazism regime. People who were deemed unfit for the Nazism regime were beaten up and then executed in front of their family members and friends. The first freedom that FDR spoke about was the freedom of speech everywhere in the world. Freedom of speech can be defined as the political right of an individual to express his opinion and ideas using his body and property to anyone who is willing to accept them. When FDR proposed that there would be freedom of speech everywhere in the world, he meant that people were given the free will to express...
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