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Unit: World War II and Its Aftermath
This Unit Activity will help you meet these educational goals:
Inquiry Skills—You will develop questions and plan investigations, evaluate change and continuity over time, develop credible explanations of historical events and developments based on reasoned interpretation of evidence, gather evidence, evaluate and use evidence, develop explanations and make persuasive arguments in support of your conclusions, and communicate your conclusions.
21st Century Skills—You will employ online tools for research and analysis, apply creativity and innovation, use critical thinking and problem solving skills, communicate effectively, and assess and validate information.

In this Unit Activity, you will analyze historical documents on a given topic and answer short-answer questions based on that topic. You will also evaluate a historical period, take notes on that period, and write a script based on your notes. These tasks will help you practice evaluating historical information and produce a carefully crafted response based on your research.

Directions and Analysis
Task 1: Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms
In this task, you will analyze President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech, and answer short-answer questions about that speech. You will then write a brief essay to turn into your teacher.

a. Consider that President Roosevelet delivered the “Four Freedoms” speech on January 6, 1941. What is the historical context of this speech in relation to World War II?

Type your response here:
President Franklin Roosevelt’s four freedoms speech talks about America preparing for their inevitable entrance into the war by helping Britain because of the knowledge that America needs to step in because it’s a major power and Hitler will end up taking the war to America sooner or later. Germany under Hitlers rule had no freedom of speech, religion or press.

References: no sources in the script Does not cite sources or outside information Contains numerous grammatical or spelling errors — Non-Performance Is completely off topic or blank

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