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Topics: Slavery, Human, Aristotle Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: December 11, 2010
1a. According to Pane’s account, what part did caves play in human origins? 1b. What happpened to Machochael and the men who left the cave to go fishing? If when they went out at night and was not able to return befiore the sun rose, upon seeing the light, as punishment since they were not allowed to see it, were immediately transformed into those trees that yeild plums. These grow spontaneously on that island in great quantity, without being planted. 1c. How did their acts alter the world?

1d. Why did the Taino go on pilgrimages to Iovanaboina?
1e. Why were zemis important?
2a. Pane says the Taino told him that men left the caves “without their women,” How did women come to populate the earth? 2b. Does the narrative suggest that men and women were created more or less as equals? 3a. This Taino origin story emphasizes that humann beings were “transformed” in numerous ways to shape the world. Why did these transformations occur, according to the narrative? 3b. How did theese transformations influence humans who were not transformed? 4a. In what ways is Pane’s religion evident in his account of Taino origins? 4b. Do you think Pane was a reliable recorder of Taino beliefs? 4c. What parts of Pane’s account, if any, seem credible to you? Why? 5a. Since Tainos " never had writing among them and everything is preserved by memory," do you thing the stories the Taino told Pnae were credible accounts of ancient beliefs? 5b. What evidence suggests that Taino believed these stories? 5c. Is there evidence that their origin narrative had ancient roots? 5d. On the other hand, is there evidence that they might have invented the narrative to please or satisfy Pane?

1a. According to this narrative how did human beings arrive in the world? 1b. What was the significance of the "great tree which every year bore corn used for food" and of the angry young men? 2a. Who does the narrative say created the earth, and why?

2b. What relationship existen between...
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